What Is This Stuff?


If you’ve been practicing the techniques, you should be seeing a wispy, smoky sort of energy.  You’ll begin to notice this around trees, dogs, other people, nearly everything to a greater or lesser extent.

But what is it?  Where does this stuff come from?

There are three basic types of energy that is visible to the trained eye.  The greyish, wispy stuff is from the energy body of something we’re going to call your “Low Self.”

This Low Self (this will, for brevity’s sake, be occasionally abbreviated “LS”) is directly equivalent to one’s subconscious or “id” in Western psychological terms.  This is where memories are stored, programs run (we will cover this in a later post) and the vital energy that drives your very body comes from.



Some of you may be seeing something perhaps a bit fainter along with it, colorful flows, and still others of you may be seeing very colorful stuff that even seems to glow!

If you are, congratulations!    You’re seeing the energy of the other two major parts of your energy body that we’ll call the Middle Self and the High Self, respectively.  These would, of course, correlate to your conscious or ego, and your super-conscious or super-ego.
If you’re not, please don’t worry about it.  The more you practice, the more attuned to seeing energy you become, and you’ll be seeing what are usually called “auras” in no time!

Now, please do not equate these names with rank or station.  The Low Self is not less than the Middle or High self!  All of these “selves” perform vital functions that keep you alive and human!

The names can be seen as a function of the energy.  If we were to imagine physical “reality” as a sort of ground level, then the Low Self (LS) would be the part of your energy body closest to that ground level.  Next up would be the Middle Self (MS), followed by the High Self (HS).

Now, you might be curious as to why one hand would be easier to send with and the other easier to receive with.  This would is where the concept of yin and yang comes in.

Within all living things are both “feminine” and “masculine” energy (or hard and soft, or light and dark, however you prefer to think about it.)  The yin, or feminine energy is an energy of receiving or pulling in, and the yang, or masculine, energy is an energy of giving, or pushing out.

One way to picture this is positive and negative terminals on a battery.

This polarity is necessary to the basic flows of energy, much like how a house’s electrical systems require grounding and live wires to operate.

We’ll delve a little deeper into the theory behind all of this in a later post, but for now, we will suffice it to say that we will be working with the energy of our Low Self, or subconscious.

I will warn you, this sort of thing can get very addictive (in a mostly harmless sort of way)!

Happy practicing, and until next time, have a wonderful time!


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