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What Is Reality? Belief?

It has been said that we are God experiencing God being God.

I think that is a beautiful thing.

We try to understand our reality, manipulate it, feel things about it, but just what is it?

There are no words for what reality truly is.  The reason for this is that words are simply stand-ins for concepts.

Concepts are mental boxes, if you will, where we place our thoughts and ideas.

The words are not the things they represent.

For example, the word “tree” is not an actual tree.  It’s just a representative of the idea of trees.

So with this in mind, we will explore the idea of “reality.”

In one very real sense, reality is merely the perception of things living, existing and occurring in our perceivable vicinity.  It is an impression.

Your eyes gather visual data, but they don’t actually see, not in the true sense of the word.  What we “see” is what mental image our brains have put together with the received visual data.

Our brains have evolved to become amazingly efficient.  Part of that efficiency lies in something the mind does that we’ll call “filtering,” which is simply the process the mind uses to reduce incoming information to manageable levels.

Your brain receives roughly 11 million bits of information per second.   To put that in perspective, that’s roughly like reading 60 short novels every single minute.


Yet, somehow, conscious processing of this bewildering amount of information clocks in at roughly 50 bits per second.  If one letter or character is one byte, which is 8 bits, then we’re condensing an entire novel down to about one word every single second of every day.

Clearly, something is getting lost in translation.

Point of View

This is where “filtering” comes in.

Imagine your brain as a word processing program.  Nearly every word processor has a function that searches for individual words or phrases, generally called a “search.”

So your brain, by parameters that you’ve set (nearly always subconsciously), is hitting “search” once a second.

So what are those filters?  How do we filter those 1 million bits of information and parse it down to one word a second?

This is where our “belief systems” (I don’t think it any coincidence that we can shorten that to BS) come in.

If I believe that, say, angels and demons are the cause of every single thing that happens to me and around me, then my brain will naturally parse that novel a second down to the words that will support that belief.  If the belief is simple enough, then the brain is then free to pursue other thoughts and perceptions.

If I believe, say, that incredibly complex interactions between photons, quarks, etc. are responsible for everything that happens to me and around me, then that may, at least until I have created a sufficiently simple enough BS, tie up all of my processing power.

This is where you’ll find the comically preoccupied scientists and philosophers.

If I get rid of my BS entirely, then I will find it necessary to simply observe the information and draw no conclusions whatsoever, simply for the sake of preservation of sanity.

This is where you find the inarticulate (not a negative thing, here) sages, gazing forever with a sense of wonder.

If, let’s say, I keep my BS sufficiently fluid enough, I’ll be able to utilize the parsing function of the brain, yet still be able to simply observe the flow of information around me.

This is where you find balance.

It is also where you discover how limiting human language truly is, and why “spiritual” teachers have a hard time “explaining themselves.”  Every word they’re using represents millions of words, just like the word “tree” is the merest condensation of the idea of “tree.”

So, what’s the point of this?

Have you practiced playing with energy?

If you haven’t please take the time to read and learn how, because we’ll be using that to free up our filters and loosen some BS!


As always, thank you so much for reading, and please, comment your thoughts below!

Love always,






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