Hands Helping You Begin


In the beginning…

Well, don’t I wish I knew where that beginning is!  It would definitely make starting there much, much easier.

That being said, why don’t I just start by telling you a little bit about myself and how my path led me here to you.

I grew up outside of a small town in Louisiana,  running through the woods and riding bikes with my sister down long dirt roads.  I always knew there was more to what I saw around me than just simple trees and birds and rocks and grass.

I felt like everything around me was alive!

Hands Helping You Begin

I read copious quantities of books and attended church at a small Southern Baptist congregation.  But still, something tugged at me.  I knew there was more.

I joined the US Air Force and began traveling all across the US, first Texas, then California.  All the while this knowing grew, but I stayed full in the fold of the church, following what I was familiar with.

A return to Texas, then on to Maryland I went.

Maryland became an awakening of sorts.

It was there that I was first shown energy.  Some people call it chi, some call it prana, and still others call it mana.

I just call it energy.

So here is that very first technique that I learned that got me started down a path that I still wander over 10 years later.

You’ll need:

– something flat, and darkly colored, preferably dark blue or black.
– your hands
– possibly, patience

The technique is easy and something you’ll be able to share with even the most stout of non-believers (although really, who cares if they believe or not?).

Simply place the fingertips of both hands together end to end, palms facing toward you.  You’ll look as if you were holding a large invisible ball.

This is where your darkly colored object comes into play.  Having a dark background behind your hands while you’re doing this is going to make the contrast much more apparent, and help you to see what I’m about to help you to see.  It’s not absolutely necessary, but it does make the first few attempts more likely to succeed.

Pull your fingertips slightly apart about a half an inch (about 3 cm) and move them slightly back and forth.

Focus your eyes on the space between your fingertips.

You should begin to see what appear to be wisps of smoke connecting your fingertips.  You’ll soon discover that this is no optical illusion!  Move them around, change the distance, play with it!

With a bit of practice, you should soon be able to see this wispy matter around trees, plants, dogs, people, anything and everything.

You’ll notice that the more “alive” something is, the more of it you’ll see.  I’m not necessarily talking about how physically active something or someone is.  The most alive people I’ve ever seen were the most still, the most serene.  I’ve seen very physically energetic people with very little vital energy showing.

I would later, in conversation with them, find out that they were putting on outward appearances to show everyone how happy they were, all the while miserable inside.

While you start playing with this very first and very basic of exercises, I’ll start working on the overall layout of what we’ll cover and discuss.

I’m new at teaching, so your patience is always appreciated!


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