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The “Siphoning” Technique

Sometimes we’re feeling pain or tension and we just do not want to resort to medicine.

This technique is simple enough to use anywhere, and I’ve found it to be quite effective.

This one comes from Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine, which I will be referencing from time to time.

Simply place your left hand on the area that’s bothering you.  Imagine that it’s “sucking” the pain right out of that area.

Your right hand will be held down by your side, or just simply at a lower level if you’re laying down.

That’s it!

A few tips to help this along:

Make sure to relax your shoulders.  You’re using the energetic channels in your arms as a simple siphon, much like you would to get gas out of a car, or simply to move water from one bucket to another.


Relaxing your shoulders allows that pain-energy to move right through, rather than getting trapped there.

The energy will dissipate once it leaves your right hand, so there’s nothing else you have to do afterward to clear it, unless you feel the necessity.

Sometimes, you may find that you’ll need to “push” energy out of your right hand to start the siphoning effect.

It will usually take about a minute before you notice any significant results, so be patient!


I do hope this gets you the results you seek, and as always, I look forward to your comments below!



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