Energy and Information

The Greatest Challenge Of All

How does one begin trying to describe infinite dimensions using only two of them?

A mathematician would, of course, use mathematics, but I’m afraid I don’t know of any equations dealing with the realms of spirituality, nor would I understand them, were I to find them.

I only know my experiences, and the experiences of others.  Can math describe the experience of a rain drop cascading down on a welcoming, smiling face?

I’m sure the most elegant of mathematicians could do it, but who would understand?

This is the quandary I face in writing to you, dear friends.

How do I describe that which is using mere words?


I will do my best to be sure that what I give you is absolutely applicable to any faith, anyone, anywhere; because this is.

I don’t ask you to give up any beliefs that you cherish, save those that hold you back, that keep you from moving forward, keep you stuck, keep you hurt.

What we will learn together fits with any faith.  I shall do my best to present it in as neutral a way to help you with that.

These “secrets” do not require a change of faith; merely a change of perception, and an open mind.

Happy discoveries, my friends!


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