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The “Bubble Method”

We often hear talk of “raising one’s vibration,” of how such and such a person was speaking at a “high vibration” and so on.

But how do you raise that vibration?  What, exactly do you do?

Perhaps we’ll get into “vibration,” what it is, what it even means to “vibrate,” and that sort of thing in a later post, but for now, let’s just experience it.

Imagine, if you will, that all of reality, the energy that surrounds us, everything is water.

Imagine that you, too, are water.

Take a moment and feel it out.

Where do you end and “out there” begins?

Really take a few minutes and explore it, keeping the idea of water in mind.

As you feel your way around, you’ll begin to notice that you come to a sort of “boundary” between “in here” and “out there.”

That boundary, one might state simply, is ego.

That, if you truly took the time to experience it, is what you think of as “you.”

That’s it.

Just that thin wisp of border that makes “out there” out there and “in here” in here.

Enlightenment is simply dissolving one’s identity with that border.  It is the realization that “in here” and “out there” are just made-up constructs of the imagination.

But for now, we’ll use that border to create a container.

We are going to use fluid dynamics to raise our awareness.

Are you ready to begin?

water bubble

For the purposes of this method, we are going to simplify “higher and lower vibration” as lighter and heavier.

Simple, ya?

Close your eyes, if necessary, and begin to “feel around” inside your bubble.

Don’t try to identify or label anything, just feel around.

You’ll notice that you feel other bubbles within your bubble.

Some, you’ll notice seem very light.

Some are heavier.

Some are just neutral.

A very simplified explanation for this is simply that these are your past experiences that you’ve held on to.

Some are “good” experiences, some are “bad,” some are neither “good” nor “bad”.

Find a “heavy” bubble and feel around its boundaries.

Is it smooth?   Rough?  Pitted?  Spiky?  Hard?  Soft?

Most importantly, is there anywhere on that bubble that feels as though it has a thread attached to it, like a string on a balloon, perhaps?

Did you find the string?

Cut it, using whatever visualization you choose.

A very useful one for some is to imagine scissors slicing through the string, for others, a flaming sword.  The visualization doesn’t matter, so long as you cut that cord.

One very helpful thing to do is to picture the cut end that is attached to your “you” bubble as glowing with a blue light, as though it were capping itself with light.

At this point, you may begin to feel a “shift”.   You may actually see the bubble you cut loose move, or you may feel some part of your body relax (that you probably didn’t even know was tense before).


You want to be as aware as possible of your body, of your “bubble” as possible at this point!

Feel as deeply as you may right now.  This gives you a comparison point.

Are you as completely aware as you possibly can of how you’re feeling, what your “energy” is doing, how your bubble is floating?


Now push that heavy internal bubble out.

That’s it.

Just push it right out of your bubble.

water bubble 3

Now, pay attention.

You may, for a moment, feel as though nothing is happening.

If the bubble you pushed out was only barely heavier than its surrounding water, then find another, bigger, “heavier” bubble and repeat the process; feel out the boundaries, find the cord, cut the cord, push it out.

But if you’ve picked a pretty big, heavy bubble, get ready.

It may take a moment.

We are talking fluid dynamics and inertia here.

If you’re paying attention, you’ll feel yourself, your “you” bubble begin to rise.

How much you “rise” depends on how much weight you just pushed out.

Go back in and do it again.

Find a bubble, feel the boundaries, find the cord, cut the cord, push it out.

That’s it.

And to lay any possible fears to rest, you’re not losing your experiences.   You’re simply getting rid of whatever energy you have attached to those experiences.

May the Light shine ever upon you, and please, comment your experiences below.

I would genuinely love to hear them.


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