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How To Experience Oneness Pt. 1

Mystics, sages, enlightened gurus, avatars and teachers throughout history and from all over the world have tried time and time again to explain that all things, all beings, all creations are One.

Without the experience of this, it can be a very difficult concept to grasp.

“If we are all One, then why do we kill one another?  Why is there pain and suffering?” you may find yourself asking.  The answer is simple.

We have forgotten.

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In The Beginning…

Try this one on for size.  This is nearly every creation myth and story, put into simple, non religion-specific words.  I will use the term “God” here, because (at least for me) it is a term useful to describe the highest of concepts, existences, levels, what-have-you.

To me, “God” is an empty word.  By that, I mean that the word is an empty container, designed to hold all of our thoughts, ideas and concepts of that which we, for lack of a better term, call “God” or “The Universe” or “Oneness”.

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