Meditate… Quickly

It is now time to play with our minds.

One of the things that frustrated me during my quest for knowledge was the sheer bewildering variety of meditation techniques, tips, tricks, and styles.  One thing that tied them all together was that they all seemed to require hours per day to perform.

In today’s busy world, we sometimes just don’t have the time to spend hours trying something.

Eventually, of course, you’ll find that it feels so good to meditate that you’ll begin naturally doing it more and more, spending more and more of your time practicing.

We’ll cover just what meditation is here, but for now, let’s simplify it by stating that “Meditation is nothing more than quieting the mind.”

So, let’s get started!

This comes from a wonderful little book called “8 Minute Meditation: Quiet Your Mind.  Change Your Life.”


The basic technique is very simple.

You’ll need:

– A timer

– A quiet, comfortable place to sit, stand or lay

– 8 minutes

Set your timer for 8 minutes.  Make sure you’ll know when it goes off. If you’re using your cell phone, make sure the sound is on.  Also, make sure you put it in “airplane mode” so you won’t get any texts, emails or phone calls to disturb you.  Don’t worry, the world can live without you for 8 minutes!

Start your timer, and close your eyes.

Direct every bit of attention you can to your breath.  Start at your nostrils.  How does it feel when your breath enters your nose?  Can you follow that breath all the way down to your lungs?  How does it feel there?

Now, don’t actually ask these questions to yourself, just notice.  Just feel it.

There is no specific breathing pattern required, just slow, gentle breaths.  Breathe comfortably and steadily.

You’ll notice that thoughts will begin to arise.  Just let them pass by you.  The mind, which can be equated to the ego, is very self-important, and wants your attention at all times.

If you find yourself lost in thought, just redirect your attention to your breathing again.

It’s not helpful to get frustrated at the fact that you keep thinking thoughts and getting distracted.  You’re going against a life time of habit here!

Again and again, direct your attention to your breathing.

Feel it.

Feel your breath from the time it enters your body to the time it leaves you.  You’ll begin becoming aware of your heart beat.  Just notice it.

Feel it.

Before you know it, your timer is telling you that your eight minutes is up!

If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself setting that timer again and going right back to it!

With practice, and within a very few short days or weeks, you’ll begin to notice that your thoughts intrude on your eight minute sessions less and less, your body feels lighter and more relaxes, and tension that you may not even know you had just melts away!

We’ll delve a little deeper into the benefits and functions of meditation here, but for now, I think you’ll find your new-relaxation and peace of mind is rejuvenating.

I truly hope you find this as useful as I did, and may this start you on the path of quieting your mind.

Thank you for reading, and as always, please comment below!

I look forward to hearing your experiences!



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