Light Up Your Chakras With a Simple “Fountain Method”

This is a simple way to begin working with your chakras.  I’ve spent days writing this article, playing with this technique and tweaking it to make it as simple and direct as I can, so that you can start enjoying it as quickly and easily as possible.  You’ll know when you get it right, because the overall feeling of this is pretty outstanding.

What I’ve noticed from doing this method is a heightened sense of wakefulness, improved energy overall, better mental focus, and just being more…  present, in general.

You may perform this method seated, standing, or lying down, however, I’ve come to prefer standing, as it helps one be more focused on the sensations (used as a sort of feedback mechanism to let you know that you’re actually doing something), but would suggest seated as my second favorite.

It’s a bit too easy to fall asleep when you’re lying down!

After some practice you will find that you are able to perform this technique more and more quickly until you are able to “light up” all of your chakras with nothing more than a thought and a breath.

I ask that you read through before you try this out.  I will present you with a series of pictures, but please, keep in mind that these are just simple suggestions to help you get started, a sort of seed to grow your own imagery from.  The pictures are not at all meant to be taken literally, and are simply there to give your subconscious the idea of what we’re working with.

At first, you may feel as though you are just sitting, standing, or lying there just breathing and making pictures in your head.

Keep on!

You’re training your subconscious mind to work with you in doing something it tends to do… well…   subconsciously.

Many traditions, particularly Hindu, envision the chakras as blossoms or, as the name chakra means literally, wheels.

I’ve used spheres simply because they’re easy to picture.

The particular shades and hues of your chakras are yours and yours alone.

Donna Eden, in her book, Energy Medicine, describes various patients who’ve had all manner of coloured chakras.


As you learn your own chakra system, if you keep an open mind, you will be able to discover their true shapes and “colours” for yourself.

So to begin.

Focus on the area of your “root” chakra.  This is located in the area of your perineum.  You may envision this for the purposes of this exercise as a hollow red sphere.

Red Sphere

Breathe in deeply, and as you do so, imagine a glowing substance somewhere between a liquid and air flowing upwards into that sphere either from the ground through your legs or, more directly, if you have done the grounding exercise beforehand (which I strongly recommend), straight up through your “root”.

As this liquid flows into this red sphere, it will begin to glow more brightly as it fills.

As you breathe out, gently squeeze the muscles in the area of your perineum, somewhat like doing a kegle or stopping yourself from urinating.  This will tell your subconscious to hold the energy that you just brought into your root chakra there (think of it like a sort of valve, if you like.)

Breathe in again, deeply and as slowly as you are able, bringing more of this energy substance into your root chakra, causing that sphere to grow even brighter.

Again, breathe out, gently squeezing your perineal muscles.

Repeat this process until you sense (whether by envisioning or feeling or even hearing) that this chakra is “full”.

At this point, you may find yourself feeling very aroused!  More so, you may feel that you are much more physically “present” than before.

This can be useful in certain applications, but for now, we will continue on.

Once your root chakra is full and glowing brightly, imagine that this substance now begins to overflow upward into your second, or sacral chakra.  This is, by some traditions considered to be the seat of one’s sexuality, and by others to be the seat of one’s creativity.

From my experiences, it is linked to both, but most strongly to creativity.  The link to sexuality, I find, is more a link to sensuality, which, to me, is much more than simple sexuality.

Sensuality, in this case, is more linked to the drive to experience another’s pleasure (often very creatively!).

Again, breathe in deeply and as slowly as you are able, and bring that over-flow up energy from the root chakra up and into your second chakra, which, for our purposes, you may imagine as a hollow, orange sphere located just below the navel, and connected by a tube to the root chakra.

Orange Sphere

As you breathe out, remember to gently flex those perineal muscles!

As a side note, the physical benefits of this exercise are most excellent for your physical health and well-being!

Continue breathing in energy up through your root, through your root chakra and into this glowing, orange sphere until you sense that it is overflowing.

At this point, you may feel a sense of comfort, a sort of childlike peacefulness.  My experiences lead me to believe that this would be the “seat” of the subconscious mind, that inner child that we misunderstand so often.

Lighting this chakra can be beneficial in conjunction with the root, again, in lovemaking (I highly recommend you try it!), or you can light it up for creative endeavours.  I find it very useful to use when I am writing or performing music or doing artwork, or even cooking!

Now we move to the 3rd, or solar plexus chakra, considered by most to be the seat of the ego-self.  (solar meaning “sun” or “of the sun” and plexus meaning “network” or “to braid or plait” referring to the network of nerves and nerve endings in this area.  No wonder we imagine it to be yellow!)

You may envision this chakra as a yellow hollow sphere located about three finger-widths below where your ribs meet, again connected to the second chakra as a tube.

Yellow Sphere

Repeat your breathing until this chakra is “full.”  For some, your sense of a “full” chakra may be a feeling of intense vibration in that area, or you may see with your mind’s eye a brightly glowing sphere, or you may even “hear” a note played loudly, but not painfully so.

As a musician and a synesthete , I tend to get all three.

When this center is “full” you may experience a sensation of being powerful!

Lighting this center can be very useful in situations where one must gently assert one’s self or utilize one’s self in a leadership capacity.

Onward and upward to the fourth, or “heart” chakra!

For our purposes, we shall envision this center as a green, hollow sphere located at the center of the sternum (“chest bone”), and connected to the 3rd chakra with a tube.  (I like to imagine glass or crystal, personally, but it can look like anything you like!  I have a friend who prefers metal, and another who uses hollow logs!)

Green Sphere

Most traditions describe this chakra as the seat of love, kindness, and compassion.  I tend to agree them on this from my experiences.

Breathe deeply, drawing the overflow from your 3rd chakra into your heart or 4th chakra.

Remember to continue drawing energy up through your root with each breath as you continue this exercise!  You may find that your breathing creates a sort of “siphoning” effect, but it is useful to check occasionally and make sure that you are drawing fresh energy into your system through your roots.

Continue with the breathing pattern from the previous chakras until you sense that this chakra is full and overflowing!

By the way, when I say “overflowing”, I don’t mean by just a trickle, either.  Really get it going!  Get it gushing!

Gushing Water

When this chakra is full, you may feel a sense of incredible compassion, of love for all things.  You may find yourself weeping uncontrollably for what seems like no reason at all!  You may even begin laughing!

It is nothing to be concerned about.   Just enjoy it.  What is happening is that you are releasing blockages that may be years, decades or even lifetimes old.  As it passes, you may find that you just want to “sit with it” for a while.  When you are ready, continue on.

If you like, you may even start completely over.

On to the 5th, or throat chakra.

This is the seat of our communication.  It is no wonder that our vocal cords are here!

You may, for our purposes, envision this as a hollow, blue sphere (typically, I see mine as sky blue) connected to the 4th by a tube and located in the throat, centered over the “voice box” or larynx.

Sky Blue Sphere

Again, breathe in, filling this one.

Once it’s full, you may feel as though you’d like to sing, speak, shout, or you may just sense that you have a much clearer sense of communication.

Remember to keep drawing in through your root!

On to the 6th, or “Third Eye Chakra”.

This is the seat of spiritual vision, and may be pictured as a indigo-colored hollow sphere centered in the middle of the forehead, and again connected to the lower chakras by a tube.

Indigo Sphere

Breathe, and draw that overflow from the 5th chakra to fill your 6th chakra.

When this one is full, you may experience visions, see things more colorfully, see spirits, or simply have a deep understanding of one’s self and one’s place in the universe.

On to the 7th, or Crown Chakra.

This one is a bit different, but for now, we will envision it as a violet, flattened orb sitting centered on the top of the head, somewhat like a hat.

Violet Sphere

When you see pictures of saints, or of angels, you’ll typically see (especially in medieval paintings) a “halo” around their heads.  This is simply a rendition of the 7th chakra in very awakened beings.

angel halo

Interesting that so many paintings portray such a thing, no?

This center is where you are connected to all-that-is, energetically speaking.  (All of you is connected to all-that-is, but for now, we’ll leave this be.)

Draw your energy up through all of your now-brightly-glowing chakras and into your crown chakra.

There are not really words to describe what this one feels like when fully engaged, but I will do my best.

There is a peace that surpasses all understanding.  There is a joy that is so joyful that it is unrecognizable as joy.  There is a calm so calm that you want to try to do everything all at once.  There is a feeling of being the stream, all of the water in it, the banks of the stream, and the trees lining that stream, too.

It’s something like that.

Once you have this chakra glowing as brightly as you can, let the overflow cascade up and outward, like a fountain.  (Does the name of the technique make sense now?)  Let it flow over you, around you, through you.


Continue drawing in energy through your root chakra, but now you will “bend” that fountain-fall and pull that through you as well.

You’ll notice that your chakras begin to glow still more brightly.

Continue this as long as you wish.

When you are finished, you may attempt to continue this fountaining throughout your day.  If you succeed, note the effects you have on others.  I recommend that you only do this for short periods at first, and work your way to longer and longer periods.

If you do not wish to continue this (it can be quite exhausting in some cases), simply allow the upward flow to diminish, being sure to thank the energy for working with you.

Now here’s the interesting thing:  When you do this technique, you are creating a natural torus tube surrounding your body.  This is a shape that occurs over and over again in nature.   Your blood cells, apples, trees, even your very body creates this shape.



It gets a little crazier when you begin to look at universal shapes, such as those of stars and galaxies.

Then, just to add another touch of crazy, the “Ancients” have been drawing a strange symbol over and over again, throughout the continents, and for thousands of years.

Then we look at this shape again, and put two and two together:


See it?


Does this help if we remove just a few lines?


Having fun yet?

May you ever be a light to those around you, and most importantly, to your Self.

I hope this offering is useful to you, and I look forward to hearing your experiences in the comments below!


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