glass of water

Getting Answers With a Simple Glass of Water

Ever find yourself struggling with a question that just won’t go away?

“Why do I do these things?”

“What is holding me back?”

“Where the hell are my keys?”

Here’s a little trick to help you find answers!

This technique is to be used at night, just before bed, or during the day, just before a nap.

The sleep is critical.  It allows your conscious mind to be out of your subconscious mind’s way.

You’ll need:

-A glass
-A place to sleep

Fill a glass with water.

As you do so, place your question in the front of your mind as “loudly” and as “vividly” as possible.

Hold your question firmly and clearly in your mind for a few moments.  If you can picture the question, so much the better.

You are telling your Low Self (subconscious mind) precisely what it is that you want to know.

As you hold your question in mind, begin drinking half of your glass of water, verbally and mentally telling yourself that you will have the answer when you drink the other half of the glass of water.

Go to sleep.

When you awake, bring your question back to mind and drink the other half of the glass of water.

As you drink the water, let your mind drift.

You may just be astonished at what you already know!

Be sure not to simply reject what seem to be random thoughts.

Observe them, look for relationships, but do not label.

What questions do you have?

What answers have you gotten?


Comment below!

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