Getting an Experience With The Higher Self

Spirit guides, guardian angels, Higher Self, God Self, Holy Spirit…

My experiences suggest that they are all one and the same; furthermore that they are aspects of our very being.

In truth, what we may call our “Spirit Guide” we may very well call our “Higher Self” or our “Higher Consciousness”.

We may even call it simply “I AM.”

The Higher Self is that portion of who we are that functions at the highest ends of our spectrum.

Imagine, if you will, that you are a light.  It is a well-known phenomena that light may be broken down into its respective frequencies using technology no more advanced than triangular piece of glass, commonly called a “prism.”


At the lowest frequencies of visible light you find reds, fading to oranges, yellows, greens and so forth as the frequency gets higher.

If you are a full-frequency sort of light, like sunlight, for example, then your spectrum (the band of colours shown after light is passed through a prism) will be fairly evenly balanced with each colour passing seamlessly to the next.

If you are a different sort of light, such as in the case of a mercury fluorescent bulb, you’ll see “spikes” of colour in your spectrum, or dark bands where colors aren’t represented strongly or missing altogether.


So, what does this have to do with spirit guides or consciousness or anything, really?


You see, everything is made of light.  (More precisely, everything is made of energy, light being the most visible form thereof) (For you physics buffs, yes, clearly I am highly simplifying.  You might want to read a treatise on quantum physics and string theory, but that’s not the focus of this article. <big ole grin>)

Now, if we now know everything is made of light, then how do we use this knowledge to get in touch with our spirit guides, or Higher Selves, or whatever-the-heck-we-want-to-call-them?


Remember the exercise I gave you to help you experience “Oneness”?

Congratulations, my friends, if you’ve been practicing that technique, because we’re going to use it to go even further down the rabbit hole.

If you haven’t been practicing, (or if this is your first time here), read over the technique real quick so that we’re all on the same page, so to speak.

Now remember, you are light.

We all are.

But what kind of light are you?


If you notice, the visible range of light, as compared to all known forms of light, is incredibly small!  (As a side note, perhaps other “realms” are simply different visible ranges of light!  Think about how filters might factor in, here.)

If you, as light, are a shade of red, you’ll be at a lower frequency, or vibration, than someone who is, say, green.

You may not even be able to recognize that there is even any such thing as green!

If you, as light, are a shade of green, you would be able to recognize reds, oranges, yellows and your fellow greens, but you might not recognize indigos and violets!

So if we  imagine the the level of mind is a spike at green (and please keep in mind, this is just an analogy.) and your subconscious is a spike at red, then your Higher Self (or spirit guide or guardian angel or whatever your chosen metaphor might be) is a spike in the violet hues.


What does all this have to do with anything?

Again, everything.




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