Change Your Reality… By Talking To Yourself

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re always talking to yourself.

“I’d better do this right”

“I hope no one sees me.”

“Why can’t I just be happy?”

This self-talk is usually just below the surface of awareness.

During our mini-meditation session, we learned a simple, short way to quieten those voices, but why not use them?

For a moment, close your eyes, and just listen to your thoughts?

What are they saying?

Are they saying “positive” things?

“It feels nice to be home.”

“I feel really good today!”

Or are they saying “negative” things.

“I feel fat.”

“I can’t do this.”

We’ll get into “who” is saying these things at a later point, but for now, we’ll just sum it all up by stating that these “voices” are simply the mentally audible echos of held attitudes and beliefs.

These “echos” can be from traumatic experiences, or they can be from great ones.

We can use them to get an idea of what’s going on subconsciously, and to figure out what sort of “vibration” we’re offering to the world around us.

The way I look at it, if we’re going to talk to ourselves, we may as well talk to ourselves in a way that’s constructive!

So, here’s a simple little trick to help you begin to change those voices into the things you want to “hear” and to actually begin to alter your very reality!

You’ll need:

A willingness to look a little bit crazy, and an idea of what you want.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the idea of an “affirmation,” right?

If you haven’t, an affirmation, simply stated, is a statement that you repeat mentally or vocally (preferably both) that helps “program” the subconscious mind to begin seeing and experiencing that which you want.

So, if I want, say, an ice cream bar, I might say, “I allow myself to have an ice cream bar.”

ice cream bar

If I can visualize getting an ice cream bar and enjoying it, then it will make it that much easier for my subconscious to accept it as a possibility.

So, the technique, as simply as I can put it, goes as follows:

Pick something that you want.   Do NOT pick something that you don’t want.  Make sure you’re clear on this.  To explain, let’s use an example from my own life.

I was living in Virginia, which is a fairly expensive place to live, but I was only able to find a job that was part time and paid just over minimum wage.

In short, I was flat broke, all the time, and it was wearing on me.

What I didn’t want was to be broke.

I didn’t want to feel worthless, poor, and all the things that we allow not having money to make us feel.

When I came across this technique, I could have begun saying something like, “I’m not broke anymore.  I’m not broke anymore.  I’m not broke anymore…”

Had I done so, I’d still be broke, and maybe homeless in Virginia.

However, I knew that the universe doesn’t operate in negatives.

If you have three apples, you can’t give me four of them.  We’ve invented all sorts of ways that you can “owe” me another apple, but the simple truth of the matter is that you simply cannot give me four apples because you only have three.

There are no negative numbers in nature.

So I began saying, instead, “I make a hundred dollars a day, easily and consistently!”

I chose that number because I could easily see it happening, and I could believe that it could happen.

I could have positive emotions about that happening.

So, for about two weeks, I went around looking like a crazy person, muttering to myself, “I make a hundred dollars a day, easily and consistently.”

Within two weeks, a very dear friend of mine, whom I call “Brother” called me.

It was an unusual thing for him to call me for a few reasons.

One, he hadn’t called me in months, nor I him.  In fact, I had no idea where he was!

Two, he called me on a phone that no one had the number to.  You see, my roommate (who was pretty much the only reason I wasn’t homeless) had gotten DSL, which required a land line phone.  We never used it.

Three, I just happened to be home right then.  I had been scheduled to work that day, but something had happened to shift the schedule around!  (Gee…  I wonder…)

So I answer the phone, and there’s my brother.

After a bit of catching-up chitchat, he asked me, “So, what are you doing right now?”

I told him that I was working for a little retail outfit just over from my apartment, and he told me I needed to come to Michigan.


The last place I had ever thought of living was Michigan!

“Why?” I asked him.

“Because I’ve got a job for you.  It’s a hundred dollars a day to start.”

Needless to say, I was floored.  What?!?  Did he really just say that?

As you can imagine, I took my last few bucks and hopped on a Greyhound bus for Michigan as soon as humanly possible!


The amazing thing is that the job paid $10 an hour, and was 10 hours a day…  Exactly $100 a day!

Did you get the exercise?

Just focus on what you want, and sum it up in as few words as possible.  Be precise!

Take that statement, and say it over and over and over again, out loud whenever possible, or mentally whenever talking out loud would be inappropriate.

Put as much emotion and belief into every repetition as you can muster!

That’s it!

It’s as simple as that.

Of course, there’s all sorts of things that go into it, but the basic technique is just that simple.

Figure out what you want.

State what you want.

State it over and over again until you get what you want.

That’s all there is to it.

Happy manifesting!

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