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How to Give Yourself a Bad Mood… or a Good One

The scene: evening, home with the family.

The morning was a bit hectic, and someone said something that wasn’t very kind, and you laughed it off, knowing that he’s just not a morning person.

That day, you went to where you go during the day; work, school, the playground with your children.

For some reason, you keep playing that mean little thing back in your head, thinking of things you could have said.

But now that you’ve thought of what you could have said, you realize what they could have said…

Well, now you’ve got to retort to that, because they can’t have the last word, can they?

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What Is Meditation pt. 1

In over a decade of research and practice, I’ve come across literally thousands of meditation techniques, hundreds of explanations as to what meditation is, and, were I to rely on all of this, I still wouldn’t be able to tell you!

However, I am a big fan of Occam’s Razor and gravitate toward the absolute simplest of explanations.

So, let’s ask the question, “What is meditation?”

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