Chinese Master

Awaken The Master Within

Time and time again, those who have tasted Enlightenment have stated one consistent thing; that they realized that they had always been enlightened.

We’ve discussed how, in the “beginning”, there was but one point of consciousness that divided and is dividing itself again and again, like the cells of a fetus dividing to create more and more complex structures.

As we look at this profound realization, we can understand that, underneath all of our forgetting, we are Source.  We are All That Is, Was, and Ever Will Be.

Yet still we forget.

But that’s fine.


Enjoy the forgetting.

You are here to experience.

One thing I find that we yearn to experience is that of “Mastery.”

Yet I tell you this:

You are already a Master.

You’ve merely forgotten, and you’ve done so for a purpose.

As a thought experiment, consider the following:

Imagine that you are a fish.

Now imagine that some other fish comes to you and begins telling you about how it was caught on a hook one time.

Then this fish begins to explain to you how, being pulled up and into the fisherman’s boat, it struggled to breath.

This fantastic beast that caught this fish pulls the hook from its mouth and releases it back into…



The fish begins to tell you about “water” and how it’s all around you, in fact, you’re breathing it right now!


Who had ever heard of such a thing as “water?”

Surely this fish has been addled by its experience!

Experiencing your inner Master is very much like this.

To truly experience something, you must first not have experienced it.

So we “forget.”

But we remember just enough to know that there’s more.  We understand intuitively that we’re only getting a small fraction of what we’re seeing around us.

So I would like to help you meet yourself.

Are you ready to meet yourself, your True Self, the “you” that is the Master?

Let’s begin.

You’ll need:

-a quiet area where you’ll be undisturbed for a time.

-a comfortable seat (not too comfortable!  We don’t want to be falling asleep!)

Begin by settling yourself comfortably, closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths.

Settle your breathing into an easily maintained rhythm.

Begin counting your breaths, inward and outward, counting in, one, out, two, in, three, out, four, and so on to ten.

When you reach ten, start over at one.

As you count, you’ll find that stray thoughts arise.

Let them arise and melt away, staying with your breathing, counting each breath.

Allow the tension to melt from your body as you count, beginning at the top of your head and working your way down to your toes.

With practice, you’ll be able to put yourself into a completely relaxed state in less and less time.

You’re training your subconscious mind to release tension and to stop offering unrequested thought-forms.

You’re training your mind to focus and ignore distraction.

Now, mentally create a “space” that you can feel immensely comfortable.

It can be a lavish sitting room, complete with a view of the ocean.  It can be a simple living room, sparsely furnished.  It can be your favorite spot in the woods, or on the beach; anything that you can picture clearly and vividly.

Use all of your senses that you can to create this space.

Smell the smells of the leather or the salt of the ocean in the air.

Feel the grass beneath your feet, or the smooth grain of a wooden chair on your fingertips.

Feel the breeze, or the warmth of a fire.  Hear the waves, or the murmur of a brook.

Before you, you will see a full-length mirror.  The frame is as simple or ornate as you wish.


Move to the mirror, taking care to feel the ground beneath your feet as you walk toward it, the movement of the air on your skin and hair, the feel of your muscles flexing as they carry you.

You see yourself in the mirror, but something in your reflection’s eyes tell you that this is a much wiser You, radiating wisdom, joy and love.

As you look on, the mirror begins to dissolve, leaving this You standing before you.

Greet yourself, and know that you are meeting the Master Within.

You are meeting the Highest Version of You that you can conceive.

Take hands with this version of you and allow yourself to be drawn in, merging as One.

Feel it!

Know it!

What understandings do you now have?

Open your eyes.

How does the world look now?

You have Awakened!

This may be realized the first time you do this, or the one hundredth time you do this.

Keep practicing.

May your Awakening be deep, and your smile unending.


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