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Coping With Depression – Part One

After a long hiatus from writing here, I’ve decided to tackle something fairly easy: depression.

Of course, that was written tongue-in-cheek… (Man, I’m funny…)

No... please...  tell me another one...
No… please… tell me another one…

Depression is incredibly prevalent in the US, with an estimated 15.7 million reported cases in adults in 2014 alone. ¹

There are, it seems, nearly as many treatments for depression as there are reported cases, ranging from medications to meditations.

But what works?

Is there a cure?  A collection of cures?

Or is it all smoke and mirrors to treat the symptoms, rather than the underlying root cause?

Of course, what is the underlying root cause of depression?

A search will yield you varied results, ranging from genetics, to biochemical reactions, to childhood trauma.

No two sources seem to agree what causes this (dare I say?) epidemic.

What they all agree on is that depression, if not dealt with, can be a major issue, with the end results being often job loss, relationship loss, and even suicide.

They also tend to agree that depression causes, or is caused by, major changes in brain chemistry, leading to increased sensations of physical pain, loss of sleep, daytime fatigue, and whole variety of other health issues.

Of course, there is the overwhelming barrage of negative thoughts that come along with it…

But which came first; the chicken or the egg?

Do changes in biochemistry cause depression, or does depression cause changes in biochemistry, or is it somehow simultaneous?

More importantly, regardless of which came first, how do I fix it?

Well hang on, friends, because we’re going on a journey.

Let’s kick depression right in the teeth and get our lives back, shall we?

Our first line of attack is hydration.

Uh... that's not the kind of drinking I was thinking might help...
Uh… that’s not the kind of drinking I was thinking might help…

Studies² have shown that even mild dehydration can lead to mood changes, loss of cognitive function, and fatigue.

Doesn’t that list of effects sound familiar?

So our first step here is the deceptively simple task of simply drinking enough water throughout the day.

Notice, please, that I said “water”, not soda (pop? coke? sodapop?), tea, coffee, vodka, sports beverage with electrolytes…


And by all means, drink your coffee (oh yes, I’m drinking mine right now), tea, vodka cranberry (don’t overdo that one…), what-have-you.

Just make sure you’re drinking water, too.

Personally, I’ve been using a little app called “Water Drink Reminder” that has dramatically helped me increase and maintain my daily water intake.

Prior to downloading this handy little app (and no, I don’t get any kind of kick-backs from them), I was drinking maybe 20-30 oz. of water a day.

I’ve bumped that up to an average of about 75 oz (most days I’m managing to get in about 90 oz.), and I will tell you my mood has lightened significantly from that alone.

There are dozens of similar apps out there to help you remember to maintain your body’s hydration.

Remember, your body is made of mostly water.  It needs it.

Try it out, and let me know how it’s helping you!

And please, keep an eye out for the next installment, when we add a new technique to our arsenal of depression-fighting moves!





Chakras That Move

I’ve been working on a new “energy” technique for you, my readers.

It is something that natural occurs during my “deeper” moments, but it’s something that I’ve noticed can be done on purpose.

Doing it consistently, however, is proving to be a challenge.

However, in playing and experimenting with my own bioenergy systems, I’ve noticed something odd that I can’t seem to find information on anywhere, chiefly, the movement of chakras.

Now, I don’t mean how they rotate, or spin, or vibrate…   I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about them actually moving around, front to back, side to side.

This movement isn’t typically very fast, or even noticeable.

Think about how a vertebra in your spine can slowly move itself out of alignment.  It seems like you’re suddenly in pain, however, the process may have taken hours, days, or even weeks to occur.

It is much the same with our chakras.

They move around, which can create interesting effects or irritating problems, depending on where and how they move.

You can play with the effects of moving your chakras around at a later point (moving your 3rd Eye chakra about has interesting effects), but for now, we’re going to align them.

I strongly recommend standing for this one, but you may perform this seated, if necessary.

Stand with your feet roughly shoulder width apart, arms relaxed at your sides, posture as straight as possibly, but relaxed.

Begin by taking a few deep breaths and clearing your mind.

Check your grounding, and adjust as needed.  Be sure to be as grounded as you possibly can for this.

When you feel that your mind is sufficiently clear, direct your attention toward your 7th, or Crown Chakra.

Be careful not to seek to label, or impose any idea of where this chakra should be.

Simply continue breathing deeply (I find a square breathing pattern very helpful here), and note where it actually is.

It may take you some time to feel it out, or you may find it very easily.

Once you’ve located your crown chakra, try to shift it.

You may accomplish this with “jets” of “water” pushing it, or you may picture yourself physically grasping it and moving it.

Its proper location should have you feeling as though you are hanging from it.  You’ll notice that your spine naturally straightens, and you’ll feel lighter on your feet.

hanging beads

Take a few moments and play around with this one.

Keep your body as relaxed as possible and move your Crown Chakra around.

If you push it forward, you may find yourself leaning forward.

If you push it backward, you may find yourself leaning that way.

You can tilt it.  Notice the effects of that.

Once you’re done playing, be sure to return it to its proper position.

Push upward with it, like a plant reaching for sunlight.

Feel your body relax as it is pulled into alignment, hanging from that crown.

Once you feel that your Crown is in proper position, move downward.

Feel around just behind your forehead and see if you can feel where your 6th or “3rd Eye” chakra is presently located.

Once you’ve found it, shift it to be in alignment with your crown.

Feel free to play around with its location, but be sure to leave it aligned with your crown chakra when you are finished.

Work your way downward from there, throat chakra, heart, etc.

What does it feel like when they’re pushed forward, or backward?  Left?  Right?

Can you tilt them?

Does that have a noticeable effect?

Be sure to leave them aligned.

And be sure to check back, as this is just part of a greater technique.

May you find this useful, and as always, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!


The “Vortex” Method

This one is a bit more advanced, and we’re going to build on it as we go.

It requires that you’ve learned and practiced the “Fountain Method”.

If you haven’t, please at least read it over before continuing on with this post.

You might find yourself wondering, as you read through this addition to the Fountain Method, why I’m asking you to “spin” this energy.

The answer lies all around you.

Think of all the things in nature that naturally spiral, spin, rotate, etc.

water vortex

A circular motion is one of Nature’s foundations!

The very planet that gives us life spins, has something spinning around it, spins around something else, which all spins around still a bigger center.

The famed Fibonacci sequence is found throughout the world around you, and, in fact, is expressed through your very body!

Fibonacci Ear Spiral

Think about all of the whorls and spirals, you’ve seen in nature.

In animals.

spiral ram horn

In plants.

spiral fern bud

So what does this have to do with energy?

Where do you think this spiral originates?

Now, when I say “energy”, I don’t mean some mystical woowoo power that comes from happy thoughts of butterflies and rainbows, thus lending love power to the omegatron blah blah blah.

No, I’m talking about fundamental energies that comprise the very fabric of everything around us.

You get to a point in studying what “makes” something “real” that you realize that the very core substance of a thing is actually nothing.


Every thing is no thing.

And that no-thing (which for simplicity’s sake, I shall just call “energy”) has a pattern of motion, of flow, of…

You have to remember that we are attempting to describe with words (which are merely collections of letters representing collections of sounds representing collections of concepts) that which cannot be described with words.  (You try summing up everything there is in a word, and you’ll see what I mean.  No matter which word you choose, it’s still missing some aspect of what you mean.)

So, in short, energy seems to have a spin to it.

So, we’re going to utilize that spin.

(As a side note, the techniques I give you are things your “energy body” does naturally when we get out of its way and allow it to)

This spin, should you encounter any “blockages” (which are merely ideas, thoughts, or experiences from your past that you are holding stagnant in your present), will help you easily dissolve, break-through, remove, or whatever other analogy or imagery you choose that works for you.

To begin:

Find a comfortable position.  I find that standing or sitting is the best for this, as it is much easier to settle into a good, deep breathing rhythm.

In this case, as with the basic Fountain Technique, you are going to begin with your breathing.

As you do so, imagine that the energy you are pulling in, that substance somewhere between air and water, is spiraling.

The direction doesn’t seem to matter, but I have found that it naturally tends to flow from left to right, or clock-wise if you’re looking down on yourself from above.

When you have a chakra “full”, let the energy sit in there and spin for a little bit.  Be with it.

This is a very good way to cleanse your chakras by removing smaller thought-forms that you may be unaware of.  (If you imagine cleaning a bottle with warm water by swirling the water around inside, you’ll understand what I mean).

As you pass your energy through the spaces between your chakras, be sure to take a little extra time, again swirling that energy thoroughly throughout.

Continue in this fashion until you have reached your 7th or “Crown” chakra (for a more detailed run-through of the chakras, again, I encourage you to read the “Fountain Method” and practice it thoroughly before attempting this one.).

Once you have reached the point where you’re experiencing the cascade upward and outward, be sure to spin that, too.

Now here’s where we are going to add an entirely new level to this technique.

As your energy cascades back down, you’re going to continue spiraling it.

If you were to picture this from the outside, it will look like the direction of the flow has reversed, but it, in fact, has not.


Does what the double helix of your DNA is telling you, perhaps, make a little more sense?
As with the Fountain Method (of which this is just a logical extension), you may continue this as long as you wish.

You may attempt to continue this flow throughout your day, or you may thank whatever you wish and allow the flows to take over for themselves.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you, and may this be useful in your life.


Light Up Your Chakras With a Simple “Fountain Method”

This is a simple way to begin working with your chakras.  I’ve spent days writing this article, playing with this technique and tweaking it to make it as simple and direct as I can, so that you can start enjoying it as quickly and easily as possible.  You’ll know when you get it right, because the overall feeling of this is pretty outstanding.

What I’ve noticed from doing this method is a heightened sense of wakefulness, improved energy overall, better mental focus, and just being more…  present, in general.

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A Simple “Grounding” Technique

I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of finding ourselves feeling spacey, unfocused, scattered…

Sometimes, this is due to simple lack of sleep, improper diet, dehydration, and other physiological issues.

At other times, however, we’ve allowed ourselves to lose connection with the very earth that sustains us in more ways than just providing food, water and shelter.

So here’s a very simple technique to help you center, ground and focus yourself.

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