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A Simple “Grounding” Technique

I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of finding ourselves feeling spacey, unfocused, scattered…

Sometimes, this is due to simple lack of sleep, improper diet, dehydration, and other physiological issues.

At other times, however, we’ve allowed ourselves to lose connection with the very earth that sustains us in more ways than just providing food, water and shelter.

So here’s a very simple technique to help you center, ground and focus yourself.

I find it best to be standing for this little trick.

Close your eyes, steady your breath and begin to visualize yourself in relationship to Earth.

Deep, deep beneath you lies the core of our planet, which you can visualize as a glowing ball far below the surface.

Imagine that, with each breath, you are extending a tube (or roots, or a shaft, or an electrical ground, whatever is easiest for you to visualize easily) down to that core.

You’ll know that you’re doing your visualization correctly when you feel a sort of surge, or a discharge, generally through your feet, sometimes throughout your entire legs, and occasionally in the area of the sacrum.

Now open your eyes, holding in mind your visualization, and walk a couple of steps.  See if you can hold the connection.

What you are doing by visualizing these things is instructing your subconscious, which controls basic bodily and most bioelectrical functions to establish that ground “wire” for your body’s bioelectrical systems.

rooted mind

You may find it necessary, in the beginning to check your ground throughout the day and take a moment to reestablish it.

You’ll also find that as you practice and utilize this grounding, it will naturally stay longer and longer, and you’ll be able to reestablish it with a mere thought.

May you find this useful!

As always, thank you for your comments, and I look forward to hearing your successes!


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